Things you need to know about ankle pain

Things you need to know about ankle pain

Ankle pain is one of the common leg issues that can happen to anyone. There are many reasons of having ankle pain. Sometimes, a mere sprain can cause problems and sometimes, there are fractures in the ankle bone. Here are some symptoms and causes of ankle pain:


  • Severe swelling.
  • Intense pain while walking.


The common causes of ankle pain are given below. However, there are more too.

·        Sprain:

The sprain is one of the common causes of getting ankle pain. This happens when the ligaments of the body (arm, leg, knee, or ankle) get twisted so badly that it damages it temporarily. This can happen due to imbalance while standing or moving. Almost everyone has experienced it sometime in their life. Luckily, with a lot of rest and painkillers, it can be recovered easily on its own. If nothing is working for you, you need to consult a good ankle pain specialist nyc soon. You might be having a hairline fracture in your bone.

·        Arthritis:

Have you ever seen old people complaining about their joints all the time? This is because they have arthritis. This problem is often hereditary and can develop with the passage of time. One of the normal types of ankle pain is joint pain. Joint inflammation or arthritis is an issue in which the joints of the body, particularly of the furthest points are swollen up. There are numerous reasons for joint inflammation. One of them is genetic. This illness for the most part influences the joints of legs and arms and for the most part knee, lower leg and ankle. The side effects incorporate extreme agony in the joints and swelling of the joints also. In any case, swelling does not generally imply that you are experiencing joint pain. It can be a side effect of a high level of uric acid as well. So endeavor to remain fit and do practices routinely. This will decrease the possibility of getting any sort of bone issue. You need to continually check the level of calcium as well. This can also help you to stay fit.

·        Tendonitis:

Tendonitis is a problem in which the tendons of the body gets swelled up and causes a lot of pain in movement. This pain often radiates from the joints of the bones to the entire leg or arm. This is because the tendons help to attach the muscles to the bones and this mostly happens on the joints of the body. One of the reasons of getting tendonitis is overstressed muscles. So if you have been working for so many hours, you need to cut that out and relax for a bit. Sometimes, the reason behind this is the bacterial infection that occurs in some injury. That can only be treated with the anti-biotic medicines. If the tendons are damaged from your ankle area, they can cause you a lot of pain there.