Getting Familiar with the Most Common Biohazard Wastes

Getting Familiar with the Most Common Biohazard Wastes

Ignored by many, biohazard waste is becoming a serious concern in the community. Improper disposal of this type of waste poses a potential threat to the society itself as well as patients and healthcare workers. It can also harm the health of waste handlers. Improper handling and disposal of biohazard waste may result in injuries, infections and toxic poisoning. If you are not sure on how to handle these types of wastes then hiring a biohazard cleanup service is advisable. It could save you a lot of trouble you are not even aware. But one of the most common reasons for improper waste disposal is due to lack of awareness. There are too many biohazards that most people are not even aware they are toxic. Some are very common that a lot of people treat them like ordinary waste. It is best to have basic knowledge regarding these types of wastes.

Pathological Biohazard Waste

Pathological biohazard waste is any part removed from the human body. It could be tissues, organs or other surgically removed body parts. It also includes biopsy materials. The most commonly found in hospitals and healthcare facilities. They had to be separated from all other wastes and disposed of properly by following necessary disposal procedures. For most hospitals, they hire a biohazard cleanup company to process the waste.

Microbiological Biohazard Waste

Microbiological biohazard waste usually comes from laboratories, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. These are typically contaminated specimens such as live viruses, different types of cultures, etiologic agents, and devices used to handle these contaminants. In modern and big facilities, the risk of improper disposal is low. However, in rural areas where facilities are limited, and there are budget constraints, they are often discarded just like ordinary trash and thus causing health problems to the community and anyone who handles them.

Animal Biohazard Waste

It is perhaps one of the most common but most unpopular types of biohazard waste. Unknown to many, animal carcasses and parts are considered to be hazardous. Anything they used, like bedding materials, are also found to be a potential threat to health. They contain different pathogenic microorganisms that are harmful to humans. It is better if professionals dispose of them rather than taking the risk as it might cost you more in the long run. It is also best to let people be aware of this type of harmful waste to lessen the potential adverse risks it might give.

Fluids from the Human Body

There are many types of fluids secreted by the human body; they may be in a semi-liquid form or liquid state. Blood is also considered to be biohazards. Anything that has been contaminated by blood, secretions, saliva, spinal fluids, pericardial fluid and amniotic fluid are all potentially harmful. Many other liquids are being secreted by the body not mentioned, but they too are a threat to health. They comprise the most significant percentage of biohazards in the community although most people treat them like ordinary wastes.

When it comes to biohazard cleanup, it is always best to stay safe from any potential risks. It is strongly recommended you hire professionals to do the cleaning and sanitation.