Now-a-days Usage of E-juice Increased

Now-a-days Usage of E-juice Increased


            E-juice is known as vapor juice that made up with five ingredients such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavor, nicotine and distilled water. It is a fluid state used for vaporizers to create vapor. It has different in the flavor and nicotine levels that including with or without nicotine.  They use the food grade flavoring ingredients in the e-juice. In the primary, it contains 90 percent of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and 10 percent of food flavoring or nicotine in the juice.

            The vaporizer is better than a cigarette because there is no tar container and only five ingredients used to make the vapor juice. It does not emit the harmful gases ( i.e. no more carbon monoxide). In the vapor, juice does not produce the secondary smoke and stink. E-juice is most popular vaporing juice in the markets that was used by many people in different flavored.

 Type of e-juice flavoring

             It has a more flavor in the marketplaces that compare to cigarette smokers. Few flavors are fruit, tobacco,  dessert, drink, candy, and methanol.

            Fruit flavored is normally in the little sweet taste and have a good tasty flavor to them. It will produce the pleasant smells to make the house very fresh and fruity. This type of e-juice is mostly liked by the e-juice user in the markets. Most demanded flavors are grape, blueberry, strawberry, and apple.

             Tobacco is used widely in the market that also recommended to the user of e-juices, it has many varieties such as sweet tobacco, spiced tobacco, menthol tobacco, and cigar tobacco.

            Dessert flavor is majorly used that has a delicious in the taste with two varieties such as chocolate cake and apple pie.

            Drink flavor taste is similar to the alcoholic beverages, people who like the beverages and they are liked this flavor.

            Candy flavor is soft and sweet for the teeth that taste is likely to the chocolate. It’s like a candy bar such as KitKat and crispy bar chocolates.

            Methanol flavor gives a good flavor e-juice such as candy methanol flavored, tobacco methanol flavored and fruity methanol flavored.